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Veronica Zammitto is a UX veteran in the game industry. She specializes in UX strategy, Research, and organizational UX maturity.


Veronica runs her own consultancy focusing on helping companies to improve player experience strategies, scale UX efforts, enhance cross-functional collaborations, and elevate game quality. Veronica is a former Director of UX Research at Electronic Arts where she transformed how player experienced is assessed by establishing novel methodologies and systems. Veronica has been involved in countless AAA titles and mobile games, including Battlefield, FIFA, Plants vs Zombies, among others.


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User Experience
Game User Research
Organizational UX Maturity
Human-Computer Interaction in Entertainment Products
Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies
Game Psychology
Game Metrics
User Behavior
Eye tracking

When not doing UX:

Veronica is mountain biking and taking photos to share on Instagram