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David Freeman: Creating Emotions in Games / The Craft and Art of Emotioneering

Posted in Books on January 29th, 2008 by Veronica Zammitto – Be the first to comment

David Freeman developed a series of techniques that concerns writing issues; it is called “Emotioneering” ™ and has the goal of moving “the player through an interlocking sequence of emotional experiences”. He points out that it is much harder to lead such a path in games than in film, since the former has exact timing for circumstances whereas games use “multi-linear (multi-path) elements and structures” plus the timing among player is likely to vary. This clockwork feature as a main difference between the two arts has also been mentioned by Bizzocchi who specifies that the narrative arc (sequence of setup, complication, development, resolution, and denouement) can not be tightly controlled due to interaction, although some resort could be done by micro-narratives (or micro-questions in erotetic gameplay, Perron would say).

Having to mention other authors to get a better frame is not by chance. Although Freeman’s book addresses emotions, there is no a clear definition of emotion, he just rests on the common sense of what emotions are, and presents his battalion of writing techniques.