Canadian Game Development Talent Awards

It was about time to start recognizing the prolific individuals behind the games.

You have the chance to nominate your favorite, talented Canadian game developers.

Who’s got talent in the Canadian video game industry?

Nominate your peers (or yourself!) for excellence in game development.
Submit who you think should be recognized as the best of the best from the West to the East coast of Canada.

Nomination deadline is this Friday, September 2nd.

Everyone in the industry is encouraged to nominate their peers for a Talent Award in one of the following categories:
– Animator of the Year
– Audio Professional of the Year
– Designer of the Year
– Programmer of the Year
– Producer of the Year
– Visual Artist of the Year
– Emerging Talent

Nominations are free and you can nominate as many people as you like.

The full rules, instructions and the nomination form are available via:


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