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GDC '08 – Game Studies Download 3.0

Posted in Conferences - Events on April 18th, 2008 by Veronica Zammitto – Be the first to comment

Two months ago was GDC’08. The media covering of the event has been huge but anyway I’d like to highlight one presentation: Game Studies Download 3.0
This presentation was lead by Ian Bogost, Mia Consalvo and Jane McGonigal. They found and went over the “best” 10 papers of 2007. Its neatness relies on the close attention they pay to present academic content and deliver it for industry content.

They were able to kept the diverse audience attracted by speaking both “languages”, they could summary the papers into nice ‘research questions’, explain what was done and then the big insights that were the practical conclusions. What else can you ask?! 🙂

The reference papers can be found at their site

Slides of this and previous versions are available as well.